Tapio Aunio has acquired all shares of the Yudo Nordic Oy / Oinonen Tooling from Timo Oinonen and Birgitta Hendrell-Oinonen on August 31st, 2017. Read more.. 


Support & Spare parts

YUDO Group professionals on all continents provide customer services starting from design and extending to problem solving and guidance during production. YUDO Nordic Oy also provides spare part service for YUDO injection moulds imported from the Far East.


YUDO Nordic  transports spare parts fast from China direct to customers

YUDO Nordic has launched on October direct transport air bridge for YUDO Spare parts for molds made in China. Customers will now receive reliably and shortest way to North-West Europe all parts for his hot runner system. Chinese parts are no more necessary transport via Portugal. It will be saved time and costs.

Connections have been very fast and working well. This way we will guarantee better and better service for YUDO customers. Look at tight technical office net work in Chinese map.   



ID number exists in every YUDO hot runner system (HRS = hot runner system). It is necessary for fast maintenance and spare part delivery.

When you are ordering a new mold from foreign countries please demand always ID number of YUDO HRS on the mold basement. By the mean of ID number YUDO Nordic will get even in some minutes correct HRS drawings and your issue will be handled fastest way. ID card in mold basement exposes also electrical wiring in HRS.