Tapio Aunio has acquired all shares of the Yudo Nordic Oy / Oinonen Tooling from Timo Oinonen and Birgitta Hendrell-Oinonen on August 31st, 2017. Read more.. 



Tuotekuva Valve type nozzle can deliver direct injection on product surface ..
Tuotekuva European customers ordering Chinese mold have faced last time often ne..
Tuotekuva YUDO-nozzle palette includes also side gating types. SIDE GATE and SID..
Tuotekuva The new WINA Premium (63 patents, 16 patents pending) is a small line ..
Tuotekuva This is the best thermally balanced nozzle. 4 different flow chan..
Tuotekuva Solid system for engineered plastics. Suitable for fast cycles an..
Tuotekuva Nozzle gate spacing as small as 10 mm. Optimised flow inside moul..
Tuotekuva Valve gate operation is not affected by the thermal expansion of th..
Tuotekuva Minimal distance between the nozzles. Newly designed nozzle with ..
Tuotekuva Suitable for many different types of parts, from general parts to p..