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In-Mold Label System



YUDO can provide the necessary robots and complete production tools for IML decorations and labelling.

IML stands for In-Mold Labelling, which refers to placing a film inside the mould before injection moulding or bottle blow-moulding. There is no need for printing or labelling after the manufacture. The image is also durable and does not have protruding edges prone to collect dirt as is the case with sticker labels.

IML technology is available to all customers. YUDO-STAR is a reliable partner, which delivers complete system solutions for the packaging industry and everywhere, where placing a film inside the mould is possible in the beginning of the process.

The following link shows a short video from the Düsseldorf K 2010 trade show. It demonstrates a four-cavity injection mould cell for manufacturing IML cups. Even the depletion of raw material and a pause of fifteen minutes did not confuse the system in any way. Following the pause, already the second shot produced complete parts and after this the production continued like a charm.


Click on the link below for additional information. Please specify the main dimensions of your part utilising the model application form in the link. Please specify also the information on the injection moulding machine to be used in the IML process.