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LED manufacturing


LED manufacturing is becoming extremely popular.

YUDO offers total system solutions for LED Lead Frame manufacturing.
In a stacked solution, there can be up to 768 cavities in one work cell.


This picture is from the K 2010 trade show in Düsselforf.



It shows a total system solution utilizing a LED Lead Frame injection moulding system built by YUDO. The prouction diagram is shown below.

Applications include: BLU-TV, telephones, notebooks, LED lights and LED signal lights.

The number of cavities: 384 (the following multiples of cavities are possible: 128, 192, 256, 384, 768)

The cycle time: 12 sec

The savings on resin: 60% by utilizing YUDO hot runner system. 


The benefits of a YUDO total system solution are:
  • low heights as ordinary horizontal injection moulding machines can be used
  • fast mould opening and closing times
  • short cycle times
  • ease of use



System configuration, numbers refer to the image
  1. hot runner, H = only 135 mm! Nozzle spacing is only 18 mm!
  2. reel to reel feeding, feed motor and controls, double type
  3. water cooler, compressor, air heat exchanger
  4. heater for the moulds, max. 150 °C
  5. desiccant air dryer
  6. hopper for raw material
  7. hopper vacuum pump