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Nozzles - YUDO WINA Premium


Product image
Product image

The new WINA Premium (63 patents, 16 patents pending) is a small line of nozzles offering the optimum solution for all products that can be injection moulded, e.g., parts for automotives, packaging, consumer electronics and household appliances.


Discover seven new WINA Premium nozzles with special features:

  • COLOR – for faster colour change
  • ENPLA – for engineered plastics
  • SUPLA – the latest solutions for high-end engineered plastics
  • TIMO – long precision nozzle, e.g., for the core-side injection moulding of flat screen TV frames
  • CLEAR – for transparent optical products
  • MICRO – miniature valve gate nozzle for multi-cavity moulds when using difficult resins
  • BIGMO – nozzle for medium and large sized moulds


>> User's manual for WINA nozzle (PDF)


WINA Premium was presented at the K 2010 trade show, where the manufacturing of automotive parts was showcased.

The display included a YUDO demonstration model with real life products: